Superintendent Lott of Brookfield complains about manure barge


Publication: The New Brunswick Times

New Brunswick, NJ, United States
p. 5, col. 2




SAYREVILLE, Aug. 4. - A meeting of the Board of Health of Sayreville Township was held at the Town Hall on Tuesday evening, at which time another complaint was received from Superintendent Lott of the Brookfield Glass Works, relative to the unloading of a barge load of manure which is now lying between Sayreville and Old Bridge, and has been in this vicinity for some time. At a recent meeting the local health body took mention, in accordance with an ordinance, which they have on record, prohibiting the unloading of this barge load of manure in the township. After orders were issued prohibiting the removal of the manure the foreman of a gang engaged to unload the same, persisted in doing his duty and was placed under arrest. Since that time there has been little said about the barge, yet it is still in the same place, and after another complaint by Supt. Lott, of th [sic] the glass works, it was found that about 100 tons of the 330 ton cargo has been unloaded.

According to a statement made by Supt. Lott, of the glass works, the work is being done after midnight, after the authorities give up all suspicion of such action. With a view of preventing any more of this manure being carted through or unloaded in the township, the board at their meeting Tuesday night appointed a special officer to watch the vessel.

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