Miss M. Hemingray and R. Hemingray listed among passengers arrived


Publication: The Anglo American Times

London, England
vol. 32, no. 823, p. 19, col. 3

Arrival of Passengers.

By the SCYTHIA. J Abraham, R Alvarez and wife, G L Anders, wife and two children, H E M Anderson and wife, J Armstrong, .J A Barstow, Carl L Brandt, G Bock, J Butterfield, H R Butler, C H Bacon, wife and daughter, Dr S B Burnham and wife, Mrs Bell and child C and F Bell, C Behr, H Brayton, Mrs M E Brayton, Mrs E Bell and daughter, O W Buckingham, Rev W Burnett, Miss S J Barteaux, Master R Rlackrnur, Mr Bretherton and wife, O P Crocker. Mrs W H Clark, G A Clough, I H Clothier and son, D H Chamberlain, J Dinkelspiel, C H Ditson, Rev E V H Danner and wife, Mrs D D Drew, Miss Devere, M Erlebach, Edw J Ensor, S F Earl, H A Foster, T Fleming, Mrs W Field, I M Freeman, E J Fraser and wife, G N Field, R Graves and wife, R R Gibbs and wife, L D Gardner, C G Gillyatt, Signor Gavazzi, Wm Grayson, W Gudd, D F Hatton, H C Huffner, J B Henry, I Harzera, Miss M Hemingray, W S Harley, A B Harris, R Hemingray, S F Hunting, G Johnston, W H Kidd, wife and child. O A and S M Kirkland, Mrs R Kipling, Mrs J A King and maid, L C Lawford, L P de L e o n and wife, P Lacayo, Dr G B Linderman, Rev W S Langford, M W Mullane, Jas Milliken, C P Miller, E Mallet, R H Murray, Miss Murray, R v F H Murray, H Model, Mr Nicholson, J Neville. J P Neer, F P Osborn and wife, R A Osborn, E Pohl, Rev J W Payne, wife, child and maid, H W Payne, W J Parkinson, Mrs T S Phillips and two daughters, J B Richards, J A Robleto, John M Richards, Mrs Jore M Reed and daughter, Sol S Reed. Rev E H Richardson, C C Ruthrauff, W Hart Smith and wife, L Soler, wife, two sons, daughter and tow servants, Mrs M Spinelli, J Storr, G Soloyns, C Schneitzler, J M Stuart, Mrs H M Stuart, Miss M C Shepard, Prof E R Sill and wife, Mme Santin, Rev C Scott, O Taylor, Major I Tailor, T Utley, J M Wentz H F Watson, E Weber, T Winsor and wife, W S G Williams A C; and H C Wilson, Mrs A C Webb, G H and E H Williams, three Misses William J Graves, G Armstrong Miss G Bolger.


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