Cincinnati capitalists investing heavily in Muncie


Publication: The Muncie Daily News

Muncie, IN, United States
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Some Large Sales of Real Estate

Made Yesterday!

Excursions Coming and

Everybody Joyful !

During the six days ending with to-day there has been much trading done among the real estate agencies and syndicates or representatives of syndicates from other cities. A few days ago sale of $10,000 would startle the public but now they have become so numerous that they are almost looked for daily. Men from other cities are arriving on every train and in many instances are quick to buy, not waiting for two or three days to consider as some few have done to their sorrow.

A press dispatch is going the rounds to the effect that the Inter State Commerce Bill has practically paralyzed the nail and glass business in Virginia and these industries will seek western locations.

This being true there will be an earnest effort made to have some of them locate at Muncie. It is only a question of time until these factories will be compelled to seek natural gas for fuel, and they cannot all go to one place, and we will get our share, as Muncie is the only place in Indiana with natural gas and sand sufficient for the manufacturing of glass.

Several gentlemen from Cincinnati, O., have been here lately and found this to be a good place for investments, and having told their friends about it they are coming to investigate for themselves. This outpouring of Cincinnati people and capital has alarmed some of the residents, and the Enquirer has remarked that the place to invest is at home, but they give no illustrations of good investments or reasons why the capitalists of that place should not come to Muncie and double their money in a short time.

Whenever you see one place striding ahead of another you see some one begin kicking and crying down the go ahead city as against the old fogy places. If Cincinnati cannot have natural gas she should take her medicine and let Muncie continue to boom just the same. It is said that sometime nest week there will be an


to this place and a large number of capitalists will be here and will look over the field with a view of making some extensive purchases. It seems that the people of Ohio have become stuck on Muncie and are laying large blocks of money here which they are assured will bring them good returns.

Money at 4 per cent in bonds is entirely too idle when it can be placed in good Muncie real estate and return from 7 to 15 per cent in rents besides the increase in value of the property.


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