Real Esate Investors Soliciting Manufacturers to Relocate to Muncie, Indiana


Publication: The Muncie Daily News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 1, col. 3


What is Being Done by Muncie

Real Estate Investors?

There prevails to some extent the mistaken impression that because there is not the feverish excitement on the streets that there was a few days ago that the "boom" had died out in Muncie. If one considers but a moment they can readily see that such an active, spontaneous move like we first experienced cannot continue. That was the first grab for desirable property, and each investor wanted a chosen piece. Now the major portion of this desirable suburban property has been bought up. The capitalist has it on his hands, and for him to make any money the value of the property must be made more than he paid for it. Too many towns are indulging in "wind shoving" to allow him to make false valuations and fancy prices bolstered up by the great invigorator, natural gas. It is a fact that "air" won't raise the value of their real estate something more substantial must be used as a foundation. With keen, practical good sense they indulged in so much empty endeavors, but as soon as each investor secured as much land as he wanted and the same platted he commenced looking for some thing to occupy the same. By subscription a large sum of money was raised to systematically aid in establishing factories, and now these men are in various parts of the United States looking up desirable factories . Agents have been established in the leading commercial cities to look for the interests of Muncie, and the effect is already to be noticed. Telegrams have been received noting success, but on account of their brevity we are unable to state what perhaps we may give our readers tomorrow. This is an immensely practical move in the right direction.


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