Hemingray Insulators Exhibited by Morris & Dolph at the ASRA Convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 24, no. 494, p. 385, col. 2


A shrewd and successful combination exhibit was that made by Elmer P. Morris and J. C. Dolph, as principals, in behalf of a large number of concerns and specialties represented by them. They had two large connecting rooms on the ground floor of the Cataract House, opening to the street piazza, and on the outer wall hung their sundry banners. A remarkably comprehensive display was made, supplemented by a private wine cellar and a very unretiring brass band. Mr. Morris was responsible for the displays of the Keystone Instrument Company, of Philadelphia, Mr. Stevens also being present; the Electric Railway Engineering Company, of Cincinnati, street railway supplies; Simonds Manufacturing Company, gears and pinions; Forsyth Bro. & Co., car fixtures, etc.; Hope Electrical Appliance Company, switches and cut-outs; Hemingray glass specialties; Wheeler Reflector Company, headlights, etc.; W. E. Harrington's duplex car signs; McGuire trucks, etc.; Point Marion Manufacturing Company, poles, brackets, pins, etc.; Garton-Daniels lightning arresters; Bradford Company's belting; Monarch insulating paint.

The J. C. Dolph Company had about as many things to its share of the show, and among them may be named the Forest City protected bonds and roll drop and drop forged commutator bars; Sterling insulating varnishes; Catskill Foundry gears and pinions; the American Mica Company's goods; D. & W. Fuses, and carbon brushes, headlights, trolley details, lamps, etc. It was a complete exposition in itself, supplementing the other.


Researcher notes:The convention referred to was the American Street Railway Association convention.
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