Canada Glass Corp. formed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Iron Age

New York, NY, United States
vol. 91, no. 22, p. 1339,1345, col. 1-2,1

The Machinery Market


The greater part of the demand throughout the country continues to be for single units and in general there has been but little change in conditions. In some localities labor is a problem because of scarcity and strikes. Two or three centers report a betterment in activity. The New York trade, which has found the railroads slow in buying announced requirements, is giving most of its attention to navy yard requirements, and admits that new business has slackened. In Philadelphia the better demand has been for power equipment, other lines having fallen off. In Cleveland trade generally has been quiet, with sales confined to single tools, although some good business has been done in handling equipment; common labor is scarce and commanding unusually high wages. Trading is scattered in Cincinnati and the export business is slow. The Detroit market is displaying more life, machine tools have a better call and power equipment is in good demand, but labor troubles are a drawback. The labor situation has improved in Milwaukee; the single tool demand is maintained and the automobile trade is entering the market. A conservative trend is still evident in St. Louis and orders are for small lots and single machines. In the central South the export demand is somewhat stronger and trade, though irregular, is considered satisfactory. In the Birmingham territory and in Texas conditions are unchanged and dealers express satisfaction.

Eastern Canada

TORONTO, ONT., May 24, 1913.

The Canada Glass Corporation, Ltd., Montreal, has, it is stated, been formed with an authorized capital stock of $8,000,000. It will take over the Diamond Glass Company, the Sydenham Glass Company and the Canadian Glass Company.


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