Dominion Glass Co. incorporated

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Iron Age

New York, NY, United States
vol. 91, no. 23, p. 1406,1413, col. 1-2,1

The Machinery Markets


In the past few days there has been a little betterment in demand in several cities, but conditions generally continue more quiet than otherwise. In New York buying drags but the trade is cheered by purchases of the Pennsylvania Railroad and prospective buying by other railroads and the Government. In Philadelphia activity has been mostly in orders for single tools; May was irregular and there is some anxiety over threatened labor troubles in the gray iron foundries. In New England business picked up in the last two weeks of May and the electrical industry in particular is busy. Cleveland machinery dealers report a slight improvement over the previous week and plants and foundries are busy, but new orders are coming along slowly as a rule. The railroads are buying quietly in Cincinnati, where the export business is reported to be quiet. Demand in Milwaukee is quiet for heavy machinery and power equipment but otherwise trade is satisfactory despite increased conservatism. Trade has been spotty in Detroit, though the aggregate of sales in May were equal to those in April and the movement of standard machine tools has been a cause of satisfaction. The Central South reports more activity in power equipment, while woodworking and sawmill machinery has been selling well. In St. Louis where deliveries are being made to the Busch-Sulzer Bros.-Diesel Engine Company, trade is reported to be fairly satisfactory. The demand for machine tools fell off in Birmingham in May, but was still above the average and the call for boilers and engines continued steady. On the Pacific coast the aggregate of sales, mostly for replacement, was fairly satisfactory, with electrical installations in lumber mills a good source of business.

Eastern Canada

TORONTO, ONT., May 31, 1913.

The Dominion Glass Company, Ltd., Montreal, has been incorporated with a capital stock of $8,000,000 to manufacture glassware, earthenware and crockery and all material and machinery used in such connection.


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