Porcelain insulators likely to be made in California

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Brick and Clay Record

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 61, no. 2, p. 113-114, col. 2,1



Progress of the plans for immense hydroelectric development will actually force the construction at Alberhill. Cal., of plants for the manufacture of high-tension porcelain insulators, is the opinion of men interested in Alberhill development. It is a fact that several projects for the manufacture of high-tension insulators and other electric procelains, are in process of development, all of which are being held under cover; but there is something in the nature of a scramble to see which will be the first to work out a practical conclusion and build a plant for this form of commodity, which requires a high grade of technical skill, as the insulators must be infallibly correct, and pass thru tests that will prove them to be, like Caeser's wife, above suspicion.

Plans for the making of sanitary porcelains also are making progress, says James H. Hill, president of the Alberhill Clay Co., while the constant increase in the use of clay products in the higher grades of houses both for interior and exterior for utility and art, keeps interest high in the entire ceramic field.


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