Brookfield joins American Electric Railway Manufacturers' Assoc.

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Publication: Electric Railway Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 44, no. 3, p. 125,126, col. 1,2

American Association News

Summer Has Not Diminished the Activities in the Several Divisions of Association Work, as is Evidenced by

the Notes of Committee Meetings and Developing Plans Printed Below.


As a result of a meeting of the executive committee of the American Electric Railway Manufacturers' Association held on July 10, application blanks have been sent out to each manufacturer who has chosen exhibit space for the A. E. R. A. convention at Atlantic City next autumn, showing the official assignment of space for that particular manufacturer, as decided upon by the assignment committee. The committee has given considerable time to the individual applications and has tried to give each exhibitor as nearly what was asked for as conditions would permit. As the association is anxious to fulfil all of its contracts, it asks as a special favor that each exhibitor have the bill inclosed with his application blank passed for payment at once. The exhibit committee also makes a special request that nothing in connection with the exhibit shall be ordered from anyone except on the blanks which it will issue from time to time. H. G. McConnaughy, secretary of the Manufacturers' Association, will be glad to give personal advice to exhibitors who require such. The prospects are unusually good for a large attendance and exhibit, as shown by the fact that more space has been assigned this year than last year up to this time.

The membership committee has been doing good work in enlisting new members for the association. Companies which joined the association during the week ending July 14 are: the Brookfield Glass Company, New York; Independent Pneumatic Tool Company, Chicago; Federal Signal Company, New York; Universal Trolley Wheel Company, Northampton, Mass.; Sattley Manufacturing Company, Detroit, Mich.; Universal Car & Manufacturing Company, New York.

Plans have been considered for the appointment of a finance committee, and the members of this committee will probably be selected within two weeks.

The entertainment committee held its first meeting on July 10, at which tentative entertainment plans for the convention were discussed. The full list of this committee will be made public soon. An attractive program is promised.

An interesting incident of the development of the exhibit arrangement is a message received by Mr. McConnaughy by Marconi wireless from the ElectroMagnetic Brake Company, of London, England. The inquiry is for space and rates, and the method used in sending for information indicates progressiveness and urgent interest on the part of the prospective exhibitor.


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