C. M Tigner listed as Superintendent at Dillon Glass Works


Publication: The Fairmount News

Fairmount, IN, United States

The Dillon Glass Works start out with most flattering prospects for a successful summer's work. Glass blowing commenced last Saturday.

The officers of the company are: President, J. H. Parker; Sec. and Treasurer, Levi Scott; Ass't Treas., A. Scott; Superintendent, C. M. Tigner; Foreman, R. Dillon.

Following are the blowers now employed: George Keely, Bob Porter, Moke Pastorious, Martin Kilduff, Cale Davis, Jake Bowers, John Lenihan, Ed Daily, Phil Burges, Peter Burges, Jos. Flinn, Billy Coleman, Billy Moore, Peter Meyers, David Hicks, James Hayes, Jake Knoff, Chas. Zuch, Ed Tigner, Chas. Tigner, John Mullen.

Gathering boys: A. Groswaller, J. Clarke, J. Kohl, Chas Harrison, Fred Davis, Rlanch Payne, Pat Burgar, Perry Sheppard, John Dan, Billy Sullivan, L. Seal.

Laying up Boys: Holly Lay, Al. Frazier, Billy Stewart, H. Carter, R. Busing.

Furnace men: James White, Lou Woody. Batch-mixer, Sam. Stewart.

Blacksmith, Jack Cone.

Packers: R. Dillon, H. Gift, C. Davis, Burt Davis, Elmer Scott.

Carrying in boys: E. Jones, C. White, J. Bates, M. Parker, W. Winslow, A. Winslow, B. Love, F. Trader, E. Pemberton, K. Carter, E. Worley, E. Odel, G. Mofford.

Other employes: J. Hardwick, Chas. Coahran, Mark Parker.


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