Events in the Glass Industry for 1948; Corning Glass Works events listed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass Factory Year Book and Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 171-184, col. 1

Outstanding Events In Glass Industry

Of the Nation During the Year 1948



Corning Glass Works establishes technical service department directed by Dr. John F. G. Hicks.

Corning Glass names J. G. Cairnes manager of eastern district, consumer products division.

Dr. George V. McCauley, Corning Glass physicist who supervised casting of the 200-inch mirror for the Mt. Palomar, Cal., Observatory, retires from firm.

Corning Glass employes [sic] employees at Charleroi, Pa., plant given general wage increase of eight cents an hour.

C. A. L. Wilson, manager of Corning Glass consumer products division, western district, retires after 25 years' service.


Corning Glass Works names A. K. Brintnall assistant director of industrial relations.


McKee Glass withdrawls $9,000,000 suit filed against Hartford-Empire Company and Corning Glass.


Corning Glass names H. C. Sheperd, New York, a director. Other directors and officers are re-elected.


John B. Ward appointed by Corning Glass to new position of director of design.

John Carter is named vice president and director of Corning Glass Works of Canada, Ltd.

J. L. Peden, former Corning Glass vice president and director of sales, dies after long illness.


Court permits Owens-Corning Fiberglas, Owens-Illinois nad [sic] and Corning Glass to amend charges of violation in the government antitrust suit charged against them. Charge of conspiracy to monopolize production of glass fibers remains unchanged.


Production of television picture tube said by Corning Glass officials to be responsible for largest plant expansion in Corning history.


New glass containing 20 per cent tungsten will protect scientists and researchers from harmful rays in atomic research work. Glass is developed at University of Pittsburgh by Dr. Alexander Silverman, head of chemistry department there, with the aid of Dr. Kuan Han Sun, Westinghouse, and Dr. Joseph J. Rothermel of Corning Glass Works.


Consolidated answer asks antitrust suit dismissal in Fibeglas monopoly action of government against Owens-Corning, Owens-Illinois and Corning.

Corning Glass Works and Flints sign contracts providing increases of nine cents an hour.

Corning Glass names P. M. Reynolds manager of advertising and sales promotion for technical products division. He replaces William J. Belknap, resigned.


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