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Publication: American Glass Trade Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
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Press and Blownware Plants in the United

States and Canada, Active or Tem-

porarily Out of Operation.

Compiled by Henry W. Gauding

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NOTE - Companies arranged alphabetically. The capacity of plants is indicated at the end of each paragraph, viz: Letter "f" means furnace and "p" is for pots. The letters "c t" means a continuous tank and "d t" day tank. The letter "r" designates ring holes, indicating approximate capacity. Letter "X" means plant has a moldmaking shop. A star (*) indicates that plant was closed down at the time Directory was compiled. See Index, Page 2.

H. C. Fry Glass Co., Rochester, Pa. H. C. Fry, president; J. Howard Fry, vice president; E. T. Davis, secretary; D. H. Sage, treasurer; Jas. Ambrose, general manager; J. H. Clark, sales manager; C. Williams, factory manager. 2 f, 36 p, 1 c t, 5 r, 1 d t, X.


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