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Publication: American Glass Trade Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
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Press and Blownware Plants in the United

States and Canada, Active or Tem-

porarily Out of Operation.

Our aim is to make this Directory concise and accurate - not voluminous - so that it will be of practical service to busy tradesmen - a Vest Pocket Edition in name and in fact. - The Publishers.

NOTE - Companies arranged alphabetically. The capacity of plants is indicated at the end of each paragraph, viz: Letter "f" means furnace and "p" is for pots. The letters "c t" mean a continuous tank and "d t," day tank. The letter "r" designates ring holes, indicating approximate capacity. Letter "X" means plant has a moldmaking shop. A star (*) indicates that plant was closed down at the time Directory was compiled. See Index, (page 6) for various lines of ware produced.

Company Officials.

Following the names of officers the letter P, means president; VP, vice president; S, secretary; T, treasurer; GM, general manager; SM, sales manager, and FM, factory manager.

Whitall, Tatum Co., Millville, N. J. J. M. Whitall, P; J. W. Nicholson, VP; H. V. Brumley, S; W. H. B. Whitall, T; G. S. Bacon, GM & SM. 4 f, 38 p, 3 c t, 41 r, 8 d t, 85 r, X.


NOTE. - To designate colors the letter "A" means amber ware; "F," flint; "G" green; "O" other colors. The letter "Y," at the end of the paragraph means that the plant is equipped with semi-automatic or automatic machines. "Z," means both hand process and machine. All other letters designate as shown on Page 11.

Whitall Tatum Co., Millville, N. J. 4 f, 38 p, 3 c t, 41 r, 8 d t, 85 r, AFGO-ZX. (Officers in Press List.)


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