Western Electric Company introduces battery jar

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 26, no. 547, p. 422, col. 1-2

Western Electrical Supply Co.'s New Telephone



WE illustrate and describe herewith the new telephone battery of the Western Electrical Supply Company, of North Ninth street, St. Louis, believing that telephone managers would find it to their interest to investigate the merits of this battery, which was especially designed for telephone work. Besides the general construction and points of advantage which it possesses and qualifies it for this particular class of work, we might mention a few of the minor details that are so often overlooked, but which are very often the redeeming features of a battery.

One of the minor details referred to is that the carbon binding post does not protrude through the carbon, thus allowing corrosion to gradually ruin the connection, but is screwed in from the top, until perfectly firm, and then made secure by hot solder being poured around it. This makes a connection that cannot possibly corrode, and one that is impossible to ever work loose.

It will also be noticed from the cut showing the sectional view, that the carbon cylinder is not filled with a granulated carbon and oxide of manganize [sic] manganese from the bottom of the carbon and then sealed, but is screwed to the cover in such a manner that it may at all times be easily removed and refilled. This as will be noticed is a very redeeming feature, and in itself should make it not only one of the most convenient, but one of the best batteries in the market to-day.


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The carbon used in this battery is of selected stock, and no pains have been spared in making the selection to procure a carbon that is especially adapted to this class of work. The workmanship is also another consideration, as the parts are all carefully constructed and put together in a most desirable manner. It will be noticed from the cut of the zinc as shown in the illustration, that the rod which protrudes through the cover is mounted on the cylinder zinc in such a manner that it cannot possibly become loosened, as a shoulder is placed upon the zinc so as to hold it firmly in position.

The cylinder zinc also is rolled from a very heavy zinc, which naturally gives it an unusually long life, and is also of a very high standard. The cover of the battery is made of one sold [sic] solid piece of carbon, so thoroughly saturated with parafhne while still warm from the ovens, that it is absolutely an impossibility for the salts to creep over the top and corrode the connections. The zinc rod protrudes through this carbon by means of a porcelain tube, which acts as an insulator, and helps to give life to the battery. The glass jars are not made of the ordinary green glass, but are on the contrary, made from the purest white flint glass that can be obtained, which makes them not only tough and unlikely to break, but presents a very neat appearance,

This battery has just been brought out by the Western Electrical Supply Company, of St. Louis, Mo., and has. many other redeeming features, worthy of consideration.


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