H. W. Johns Manufacturing Co. & Creaghead Engineering exhibited at the ASRA Convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 26, no. 541, p. 261,264, col. 1,2

Exhibit Notes.

H. W. JOHNS MANUFACTURING CO., New York, exhibited samples of vulcasbeston products for overhead and controller parts. Among the novelties was a new flexible bracket for side pole construction, the flexibility being gained by an attachment at the base of the brace. The exhibit also included a full line of car heaters of all the different types manufactured. The exhibit was in charge of Mr. H. C. Spaulding, of the Boston office, and A. Hall Berry, of the New York office. There were also representatives from the Hartford works.


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THE CREAGHEAD ENGINEERING CO., of Cincinnati, O., made their usual large exhibit of their well-known "flexible brackets." These brackets are the standard method of construction used on high speed suburban work and centre pole construction in cities, and were shown in a great variety of forms, both plain and ornamental for wood and iron poles, being made of a special steel which withstands a strain double that of ordinary pipe, and, all fittings being made in wrought and malleable iron, it is impossible to damage them by the most severe service. This exhibit also included a very complete line of overhead material, trolley insulators, curve pull-overs, section insulators, insulated crossings, strain insulators, pole tops, pole cellars, malleable iron crossarms and crossarm clasps, eyebolts. turnbuckles, etc. The display was nicely arranged and in charge of Mr. G. R. Scrugham, superintendent of the company. The company's souvenir was a neat steel pocket-rule and case.


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