Whitall Tatum listing

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Directory of Glass Factories and Potteries

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 18-19,22, col. 1

Bottle and Jar Manufacturers.


A complete list of all the glass bottle and jar manufacturing firms in the United States is given below, the following index being used to designate the kinds of ware made by each:


B, bottlers' ware: 1, beers; 2, milk jars; 3, mineral water bottles.


C, packer's ware: 1, fruit jars; 2, general packers' ware.


D, druggist ware: 1, general prescription ware and druggist sundries; 2, wide mouth ware for pomades, vaseline, etc.


L, liquor ware: 1, brandies, wines and whiskies; 2, flasks; 3, demijohns


M, miscellaneous ware: 1, ink and mucilage bottles; 2, homeo vials; 3, carboys.

The list is constantly revised and additions or corrections are solicited:

Millville, N. J.:

Whitall, Tatum Co., D 12, M 123, C 2 B 2.


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