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[Trade Journal]

Publication: Directory of Glass Factories and Potteries

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 25-26, col. 1

Below appears a complete list of the pottery manufacturers of the United States in white ware, sanitary ware and art goods. The various lines, with their sub-divisions, made by each firm are indicated by the following abbreviations: A, china; B, porcelain; C, semi-porcelain; D, hotel ware; E, white granite; F, common china; G, Rockingham and yellow; H, sanitary ware; I, high grade art ware. Articles: 1, dinner sets; 2, toilet sets; 3, short sets of odd dishes; 4, jardinieres; 5, novelties; 6, druggists' supplies. Decorated ware is designated "Dec." Readers are requested to notify us of any corrections or additions to this list, which is to be constantly revised.

East Liverpool, O.:

Wm. Brunt Pottery Co., E 1234 Dec.


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