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Pittsburgh, PA, United States
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Below is a complete list of the pressed and blown ware factories in the United States and Canada active or temporarily out of operation or in course of erection. In giving the capacity of a plant, F is used for furnace and p for pots, as: 1 F, 10 p, means one furnace of 10 pots. The C before a tank means a continuous tank, and the letter D means a day tank. R is used to designate the number of ring holes, which gives the reader an idea as to the capacity of the plant.

The capital A after the capacity of a factory means it makes flint ware; B means it makes green and amber ware; and C, that flint, green and amber ware is turned out. The figures after this are to designate in a general way the varieties of ware made at each plant. 1, is prescription and druggists' ware; 2, beers, sodas and minerals, wines and brandies; 3, flasks or proprietary medicine goods; 4, milk jars; 5, fruit jars; 6, packers and preservers ware; 7, machine-made jars or bottles; 8, insulators, or prism lights.

Letter G, general line of tableware; H, general line of blown ware; I, off-hand or paste mold chimneys; J, shades and electric goods; K, paste mold tumblers, goblets, etc.; L, colored ware or novelties; M, cut glass, cutting blanks and artistic glass. X indicates that the factory contains a mold making shop. A star (*) appearing before the name of a company means that the plant is out of operation.

All parties who desire to keep in touch with the changes made in the trade during the year are requested to refer to the columns of the Commoner and Glassworker, the newspaper of the glass trade.

All corrections to this list should be sent to Factory List Department, Commoner Publishing Co., Box 555, Pittsburg, Pa.

The names of the officers of all glass companies reporting to this office prior to going to press are given. The letter P means President; S, Secretary; T, Treasurer, and M, Manager. Our readers will find that this is absolutely the most complete glass factory directory ever before issued in the United States.


* Berkshire Glass Works, Berkshire, Mass., W. G. Harding T. & M.


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