John W. Boch leaves R. Thomas & Sons Co. after nineteen years

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass and Pottery World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 11, no. 3, p. 18,20, col. 1


The Thomas China Co. reports a full run of business at their Lisbon factory.

They are running seven glost kilns a week and still cannot keep up with their business.

The semi-porcelain body employed by the Thomas pottery has no superior in America -- a fact which accounts for a part of the demand for Thomas ware.

It came as a matter of considerable surprise to the Liverpool district when it was announce that J. W. Boch, general manager for the past nineteen years of the Thomas Electrical Porcelain co., had severed his connection with that institution.

Mr. Boch took charge of the plant when it was a struggling institution, devoted largely to the production of door knobs, and it was due in no small degree to his energy and skill that it developed into the leading electrical porcelain plant in the world.

Mr. Boch is also vice-president of the Thomas China Co.

It is probably that the duties of general manager will be assumed by Mr. George W. Thomas, president of the company.

Mr. Boch has not announced what his future intentions are.

Joseph Cook, late president of the Akron China Co., has opened up a decorating plant in Cleveland under the name of the Cleveland China Co., on Juniata street.

When the plant is under full way, Mr. Cook expects to employ 100 hands.

Mr. Cook is an old Liverpool boy, his father having owned the greater part of the town prior to the Civil War.


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Researcher notes:The Thomas Electrical Porcelain Company is actually the R. Thomas & Sons Co. John Boch started the John Boch Porcelain Co. in Newall, WV, which is across the river from East Liverpool, OH.
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