George Murphy of East Liverpool was asked to purchase the Barberton Pottery Co.

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass and Pottery World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 12, no. 8, p. 16-17, col. 2, 1



The pottery here is a handsome one—in fact, so much money was originally spent in putting up a model plant and getting ready to do business that none was left to run matters successfully. It is built entirely of tile, including the roof. Insurance premiums are reduced to a minimum. The president of the reorganized company is Michael O'Neil, of Akron, the owner of a great department store. Another large stockholder is Mr. Barber, the multi-millionaire, who is a power in the making of matches and sewer pipe. The day after the destruction of his pottery in East Liverpool, Mr. George C. Murphy received a proposition from here asking him to buy the plant, which was not proving profitable to Messrs. Barber and O'Niel. Although Mr. Murphy wrote that he never would buy a pottery outside Liverpool, the subsequent correspondence led to a leasing proposition with a purchase option, doubtless very satisfactory all around. The new body used is the same so successfully made at the Murphy pottery, as are the shapes and decorations. Among the latter are two or three very beautiful and exclusive ones made by an English decalcomania firm. The labor troubles have subsided and Mr. Murphy thinks that he can handle the help problem better than in the Crockery City. There, if a man is called down for just cause, he is apt to quit and go to work next door. At Barberton the workman is less independent, since there is no convenient "next door'' and he hears that steady work there is not over plentiful. Messrs. Massey, Horwell and Murphy are seemingly well pleased with their new proposition, and all being exceedingly competent, energetic men, the future looks bright, especially as they are getting in enough orders to keep them comfortably busy.


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