News around East Liverpool

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass and Pottery World

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 11, no. 8, p. 18, col. 1

The much gossiped about dissolution of the East Liverpool Potteries Company is now an accomplished fact, and the intricate combination of interests are being disentangled to the entire satisfaction of the parties most concerned.

The new order of things contained some surprises for the trade, the Wallace & Chetwynd plant being taken over by the Colonial Potters Company, composed of your old college chum, Col. Billy Rhodes, Joseph Chetwynd, Joseph Barlow, Joseph S. Wilson, Thos. Robinson and Geo. W. Meredith.

This combination of Joe's is supposed to be a world beater and it undoubtedly will be a strong factor in the trade.

Mr. Meredith is president, Mr. Rhodes vice-president, and Mr. Wilson, secretary and office manager. Mr. Robinson will manage the factory, while Mr. Chetwynd's present intention is to give his active attention to his modeling work, in which he has no peer in America.

The Geo. C. Murphy plant returned to the ownership of G. C. Murphy, John Horwell and Ambrose Massey. Mr. Horwell was formerly manager of the Globe plant.

Robert Hall, Sr., and Jr., will operate the old East Liverpool plant as the Hall China Company.

The United States plant (Wellsville) is now the property of Fred. B. Lawrence, Noah Frederick, J. J. Purinton and S. M. (Doc.) Ferguson, although Mr. Lawrence will have charge of the office of the East End factory, which is now the property of Gus. Trenle and J. T. Rush.

The Globe Pottery and the U. S. plant will be operated until the end of the year by the East Liverpool Potteries Company, owing to existing contracts and obligations being outstanding in the name of the above corporation.

It is probable that the close of the year will see the two plants mentioned operated by their new owners as individual factories.


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