Thomas China Co. to start making electrical porcelain

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass and Pottery World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 11, no. 8, p. 18, col. 2

The Thomas China Company is selling out its stock of goods on hand and will dismantle the plant as a general ware factory.

The employes have been notified to seek other employment, and the company will take active steps to change the equipment of the factory for the production of electrical porcelain attachments, goods which are produced largely by mechanical devices.

The Thomas people are the pioneers in the world in making of porcelain for electrical work, and their decision to make the change at the Lisbon factory is doubtless due to their being overcrowded with electrical business at their Liverpool porcelain works.

So far as known there will be no change in the official roster of the company.


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