Robinson-Merrill lowers capital; Bell Pottery nearing completion; Anderson Porcelain Co. has started building their new plant

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The House Furnishing Review

New York, NY, United States
vol. 23, no. 4, p. 273,276, col. 1,1

China, Pottery and Glassware

The Robinson-Merrill Pottery Company, Akron, O., has reduced its capital stock from $500,000 to $100,000 in order to avoid the payment of a tax of one tenth of one per cent. levied upon the stock of corporations in the city of Ohio.

The plant of the Bell Pottery Company, at Columbus, O., is fast nearing completion, and will soon be ready for the machinists. The works will have a capacity of twelve kilns, and is owned by the Bell Pottery Company, of Findlay, O.

East Liverpool Notes.

The Anderson Porcelain Company has started their new plant. The works have a capacity of two kilns, and will be increased later as the business of the concern progresses.

The William Brunt Pottery Company has completed the numerous repairs to their plant which were so badly needed since their recent fire. An entire side had to be torn from the main buildings and rebuilt. The damage to the ware alone amounted to $14,000, and the loss to the building is estimated at nearly $5,000.


Keywords:Anderson Porcelain Company : Robinson-Merrill Pottery Company : Bell Pottery Company
Researcher notes:The Anderson Porcelain Co. plant was located in East Liverpool, OH. Stoneware maker Robinson-Merrill made sewer pipe and other stoneware items and one type of third rail insulator.
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