John Lapp Sues Locke for $39,000


Publication: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Rochester, NY, United States
p. 4


FOR $39,000

Balance of Salary Due on

Contract Claimed.


John S. Lapp, of Victor, Engaged to

Work for Locke Company at $10,000 Per Year

for Five Years, but was Released — Supreme Court

Canandaigua, Oct. 3.—Supreme Court was occupied to-day with the trial of a suit brought by John S. Lapp, former secretary and assistant general manager of the Locke Insulator Manufacturing Company, of Victor, against that company to recover for an alleged breach of a contract. Lapp has a wide technical knowledge in electric affairs and in the manufacture of insulators designed to withstand high voltages of electricity. He also had charge of the advertising department of the company as well as a general oversight of the manufacture of insulators.

Knapp entered into a contract whereby he was to devote his services for five years to the company for about $10,000 annually. He worked for a little more than a year when he became ill and, the company claims, became in poor mental condition so that he was unfitted for his work. After about four months his place was taken by another and the contract between him and the company was deemed by the officers of the company to be terminated.

Lapp claims he recovered from his illness and was able to again take up his work and offered to do so but was not allowed to.

He claims damages of about $39,000, the amount of the salary he would have earned during the balance of the life of his contract if he had been allowed to work out the remaining period. Harlan W. Rippey, of Rochester, with John Colmey, of this city, are trying the case for the plaintiff and McGuire & Wood, Rochester attorneys, with Hamlin and Hamlin, of this city, are looking after the interests of the insulator company.

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