A General Strike at the Locke Plant


Publication: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Rochester, NY, United States


Keeping Up Steam for Village Fire Whistle.

Victor, April 3A general strike has been called at the Locke Insulator Works and all employees, with the exception of the firemen, three in number, have gone out The company has a contract with the village to keep up enough steam to blow the whistle in case of fire, but the firemen will refuse to get up steam to turn out work for the company.

The demands are for two and a half cents increase per hour and time and a half for all overtime work in pay, and that time indicated on time sheets given O. K.. by foreman shall be taken regardless of record made by time clock. It has been the rule, it is said, to rely entirely on the time clock regardless of time sheets. More co-operation between management and employees is also asked.

Eighteen picked men among the strikers met with John Alden, of Rochester, president of the Board of Directors of the insulator company, on Thursday afternoon. Mr. Alden is said to have stated that he would not recognize them as a union, but would grant the demands for time and a half for all over time work and for time stated on time sheets with the foreman's O. K.

A meeting of the strikers was held in the Town Hall on Friday evening with 200 in attendance. The Insulator Workers Association was organized. Officers have been elected. Were the Locke Insulator Workers to affiliate themselves with the International Union it would mean a split, as part would come under the I head of the Clay Workers' Union and the others would have to join the Electrical Workers' Union. It was thought best to organize a separate body and keep together.

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