Porcelain Insulator Corp. Superintendent Suggests Lima Buy a Fire Siren


Publication: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Rochester, NY, United States


Subscription List Opened to Buy Whistle in Lima.


Lima. Jan. 2.—The question of a new steam fire siren whistle is agitating this community at present, James W. Ryan, superintendent of the Porcelain Insulator Corporation, having made a proposition that local citizens purchase a siren whistle to be installed at the new insulator plant which will be in operation about February 1st. The corporation agrees to blow the whistle for an alarm either night or day, with a code of signals as decided upon.

At present Lima is dependent upon a small fire-bell for an alarm and it has never been very satisfactory. The proposition of the insulator people has struck a responsive chord, and a subscription paper was circulated by A. F. Warner, local manager for the Livingston-Ontario Power Company, for funds to buy the whistle, which it is expected will be of two tones. Avon and Honeoye Falls have siren whistles which are plainly heard here.

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