Fred Locke Award Glass Patent for Insulators


Publication: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Rochester, NY, United States


Victor Inventor Finds New Composition for High Voltage Insulators.


Victor, April 7.—Fred M. Locke, the Victor inventor and father of the Victor insulator, has again been successful and further efforts in the electrical world have been perfected. Mr. Locke has been awarded patents for his new composition for high voltage insulators, known as the boron-aluminum-silicate insulators, and the boron-silicate insulators, which are covered by several patents, the final one being obtained today.

This new substance shows an extremely high electric and mechanical strength, great indifference to temperature changes, and is said to be much superior to porcelain, the material used in his early patents. This new invention will mean much to the electrical world, and its possibilities cannot yet be fully comprehended.

Mr. Locke intends to manufacture the new insulators and put them on the market as soon as the preliminary plans can he completed, but as yet these are only in the primary stage.

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