New Johnson & Phillips catalog

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Review - London

London, England
vol. 32, no. 798, p. 289, col. 2

Catalogues.A new illustrated catalogue, dated December, 1892, has been brought out by Messrs Johnson and Phillips. We have no hesitation in remarking that this book is one of the first class; it deals with all descriptions of electric light apparatus. Considerable credit is due to Messrs. Johnson and Phillips for the way the book has been prepared, and also for the tasteful manner in which information and blocks have been set out. On the title page there are gilt illustrations of the two gold medals awarded to the firm at the Crystal Palace Exhibitions of 1882 and 1892. A contents page, followed by a more detailed index, is in the front of the book. Dynamo-electric machines, which are very clearly and profusely illustrated, are also fully particularised, as are also alternating current apparatus, storage batteries, and accumulators and accessories for ditto, measuring instruments, cables and wires, insulators (of which there are a large number of illustrations), arc lamps and accessories, incandescent lamps and fittings, and a great number of switches, cutouts and other electric light accessories. Some very useful comparative tables of wire gauge equivalents, in which the equivalents are given in decimals of an inch, and equivalents in millimetres of the Imperial and Birmingham wire gauges, also tables of the weights and resistances of pure copper wires, decimal equivalents of inches, feet and yards, electric light compared with gas, oil, and candles, and other very interesting tables of information. At the end of the book there is a code for telegrams for customers' convenience. Among the illustrations in the catalogue there are several extra good ones calling for special notice, i.e., photograph of the Regent's Park central station, London, photograph of Tottenham Court Road showing Brockie-Pell lamps erected; of the latter there are two full page photograph illustrations. Not only does this catalogue go into general description of the various apparatus and articles, but wherever possible minute particulars in regard to price are Bet down. We have much pleasure in recommending the book as well worth the perusal of the electrical trade generally. It is a first-class piece of work, both in regard to printing and catalogue compilation.


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