The Unity Insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Telephony

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 62, no. 12, p. 383, col. 1

From Factory and Salesroom


Convention: Iowa Independent Telephone Association, Des Moines, March 26, 27, 28


The Unity Insulator.

The Minerallac Electric Co., 112 W. Aadms [sic] Adams St., Chicago, Ill., has just issued Bulletin No. 18, describing the Unity insulator, the non-breakable combination of insulator and pin in one piece recently placed on the market. The several types of the insulator intended for use on telephone and telegraph lines, either local or long distance and for electric light and power distribution lines of 110 to 1,200 volts are fully described. Interesting information regarding the strength of the insulators and their insulating properties is given. It is stated that the oily surface which is found on these insulators prevents the collection of water or moisture in a continuous film during rains, thus eliminating a possibility of leakage or break down. Illustrations show graphically, the ease with which these insulators can be installed and also their unbreakable qualities. Data indicating that the use of these pins reduces maintenance cost to a considerable extent is given. The five types of insulator are manufactured for local and long distance work and also for use on transpositions. These are all shown and dimensions for each are presented in a tabulated form.


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