Unity Insulator by Minerallac Co. a decided sensation

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Telephony

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 62, no. 6, p. 198, col. 2

Exhibits at the National Convention Most Comprehensive


Displays by Manufacturers and Dealers in Telephone Equipment and Supplies at Annual Meeting of Independents

at Hotel Sherman Best Ever Seen Interest Shown by Delegates and Actual Sales Made

Forecast Banner Year for Telephone Construction


The displays of telephone equipment, apparatus and supplies at the national convention, held at the Hotel Sherman, Chicago, this week, were, beyond all question, the most elaborate and comprehensive ever made at a national meeting. A large part of the second floor was given over to the exhibitors and the rooms and corridors were at all times filled wtih delegates and visitors except when the convention or technical conference sessions were being held.

Many improvements in well known products and many entirely new devices were shown for the first time and the thoughtful interest taken in the exhibits as a whole, as well as the actual orders placed by telephone men, indicate that the present year is to be a banner one for expansion in the field. Following is a brief description of the various exhibits:

THE MINERALLAC ELECTRIC CO., Clark and Adams streets, Chicago, Ill., produced a decided sensation with its new Unity pin and insulator combined, turned out of a single piece of wood and impregnated with Minerallac compound to give long life and high insulating qualities. Properties covered in the article in Telephony last week were fully explained by the exhibitor. Insulators in various styles and sizes, and sections of insulators sawed up to show the completeness and density of impregnation, were shown, also the plain insulators before impregnation, and a variety of house and pole brackets. The top of a pole of standard construction equipped with cross-arms and Minerallac Unity insulators and pins occupied a corner of the room. A 12,000 volt test was made on a Western Union pony type insulator showing that no breakdown occurred at that potential, which, of course, far exceeds any voltage which ever reaches a telephone line due to a cross with high potential circuits and indicates that no harmful leakage of voice currents should occur. The company also exhibited its cable hangers and No. 20 compound for cable joint, pot head and terminal bell work. Practically every telephone man present at the convention paid particular attention to this exhibit and expressed an intention of looking carefully into the proposition with a view to using it in his plant. Several large orders from prominent companies in various sections of the country were received.

The company was represented by Chester I. Hall, chief engineer; H. S. Sines, sales manager; C. C. Lovejoy and Geo. Guthrie, sales department; also G. H. Myrick, electrical engineer.


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