J. B. Hoge has a new wooden tree insulator on the market

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Telephony

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 62, no. 6, p. 166,199, col. 1

Exhibits at the National Convention Most Comprehensive


Displays by Manufacturers and Dealers in Telephone Equipment and Supplies at Annual Meeting of Independents

at Hotel Sherman Best Ever Seen Interest Shown by Delegates and Actual Sales Made

Forecast Banner Year for Telephone Construction


The displays of telephone equipment, apparatus and supplies at the national convention, held at the Hotel Sherman, Chicago, this week, were, beyond all question, the most elaborate and comprehensive ever made at a national meeting. A large part of the second floor was given over to the exhibitors and the rooms and corridors were at all times filled wtih delegates and visitors except when the convention or technical conference sessions were being held.

Many improvements in well known products and many entirely new devices were shown for the first time and the thoughtful interest taken in the exhibits as a whole, as well as the actual orders placed by telephone men, indicate that the present year is to be a banner one for expansion in the field. Following is a brief description of the various exhibits:

J. B. HOGE, who writes telephone fire insurance, came over from Cleveland to look over the sessions, where he formerly officiated as president. Mr. Hoge has a new telephone specialty in the form of a treated wooden tree insulator.


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