Morse wooden tree insulator impregnated with Minerallac

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Telephony

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 62, no. 11, p. 352-353, col. 2,1

A New Tree Insulator.

An entirely novel device for insulating wires passing through trees has just been placed on the market.

This insulator, called the Morse, is made up of a solid piece of seasoned wood, of the kind best suited for the purpose. It is treated with Minerallac preservative and insulating compound which, it is claimed, doubles its life and insulating qualities.


These Wires are Protected by Morse Insulators
These Wires Are Protected by Morse Insulators


The special features claimed for this new tree insulator are: inexpensiveness of installation, light weight and freedom from various troubles after installation. A trouble shooter is able to install them easily with one hand, thus having his other hand free to support himself.

The illustration presents a typical case where the insulators are of great value. On the lines running through the trees several dozen of the Morse tree insulators have been placed, thereby eliminating leakage and the accompanying noises together with the difficult task of obtaining permission to trim the trees.

The insulators are manufactured in several sizes, adapted for the various wires used in outside construction work. They can be secured from The Electric Appraisal & Inspection Co., Cleveland, Ohio.


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