The Patent Self-Binding Telegraph Insulator Company seeing increasing demand

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Telegraphic Journal and Electrical Review

London, England
vol. 14, no. 328, p. 202, col. 1-2

Patent Self-Binding Telegraph Insulator Company, Limited.—This company is making steady progress with Lewis's Self-Binding Insulator, and is not only supplying several leading railway and telephone companies with it, but several of the London telegraph engineering firms, for export purposes. The company has also sent out a large quantity to America, Canada, and other parts. So far the company has not received a single complaint respecting the insulator from anyone, and there is every prospect of its becoming very generally adopted. Most of the insulators are fitted with Lewis's patent screw bolt, which, by a simple modification of the well known screw bolt, allows for expansion and contraction, without the necessity of using any yielding adjunct, such as rubber washers, &c. Upwards of 10,000 of these bolts have been "up" during the last six months, and not a single instance of splitting or bursting of the insulators has been reported. The lathes which make the insulator are now so fully employed, that, while additional ones are being constructed the men are working overtime in order to keep up with orders. Considerable improvements have been made in detail, especially in the clip, which is now made, accurately, of Bessemer steel, and altogether the insulator has a thoroughly "finished" appearance.


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