Locke furnished porcelain strain insulators to the New York Central Railroad

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Publication: Street Railway Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 30, no. 15, p. 644-645, col. 1,2


The plan of this issue, devoted as it is principally to the subject of operation, has precluded any extended reference to the types of apparatus used upon the electrically equipped sections of the steam railroads described. It is not the intention in this chapter to mention all of the equipment installed, but to give credit, so far as it has been possible to collect the data from the different manufacturers, for the electrical equipment supplied to the trunk line railways whose practice is described in this section.

THE LOCKE INSULATOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY, of Victor, N. Y., furnished its No. 600 porcelain strain insulators for 11,000 volts to the New York Central Railroad. To the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, the company furnished the large 14-in. bridge insulators, and to the Erie Railroad it furnished its No. 601 strain insulator for use on the Rochester Branch. The Locke Company also has the contract for the complete equipment of high voltage insulators and the metal pins for the West Jersey & Seashore Railroad, furnishing its No. 312 insulators to the extent of about 21,000. After more than a year of service the operating department of the West Jersey Company reports that not a single insulator has failed.


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Researcher notes:No. 600 is the Locke gutter strain insulator. No. 601 is similar but no gutter. The two petticoats are curved downward.
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