Western Electric exhibited Electrose insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Street Railway Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 30, p. 895,896,897, col. 1,2,1


In addition to the companies whose exhibits were described last week the following companies were represented at the Atlantic City convention:

THE ELECTROSE MANUFACTURING COMPANY, of Brooklyn, N. Y., was represented by Louis Steinberger, president.

WESTERN ELECTRIC COMPANY, of New York and Chicago, had an interesting and comprehensive exhibit at the convention. Electrose overhead line material and Electrose high-tension insulators formed the main part of the exhibit. All types of overhead line material were shown, including straight line single and double curve suspension; car barn, bridge and mine suspension; double trolley hangers, straight line, single pull-off and double pull-off; cap and cone suspension, straight line, single and double curve; bracket suspension; strain suspension ; double trolley suspension, three types ; roundtop hanger suspension, straight line, single and double curve; goose-neck suspension, four types; insulated locking hanger; loop strain insulators, several types; single and double turnbuckle strain. Several types of trolley ears, a number of interesting overhead crossings; section insulators and Electrose high-tension insulators of several types were also shown. One insulator, made of Electrose insulation, capable of carrying from 50,000 to 60,000 volts was exhibited. The neatness and small size of this insulator was noticeable, considering the very high voltage it was designed to carry. Third-rail insulators of recent design were also exhibited, as were trolley wheels of various types and weights, including W. E. standard, competition, spoke ribbed, high speed and sleet wheels. There were also samples of Deltabeston wire for railway motors and all types of D. & W. fuses, including 500-volt indicating cartridge fuses, 500-volt car heater cut-outs and 500-volt porcelain cutouts. Various other appliances for the use of electric roads were also exhibited and attractive catalogues and other printed matter was distributed. The representatives of the company at the convention were: R. H. Harper, manager of the railway department, New York; F. D. Killion, A. E. Meixell, W. N. Harkness, E. P. Heyer, D. C. Guest, C. A. Howlett, F. C. Jaeger and R. Roth.


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