Ohio Brass exhibited at the Atlantic City convention

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Publication: Street Railway Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 30, no. 16, p. 816,818, col. 1,1


Full advantage was taken by the manufacturers of the opportunity afforded at Atlantic City for an elaborate display of apparatus with the result that the exhibits transcended any that have heretofore been held in connection with the meetings of the association. As the treasurer of the Manufacturers' Association said in presenting his report to that body, some 210 exhibitors took space, establishing a new record. As to the value of the exhibits to the operator, that is inestimable, though it may be said that hearty appreciation was individually expressed by the delegates of the opportunity that the excellent display afforded them of keeping abreast of the latest developments. That the exhibits are profitable, considered from the standpoint of the manufacturers, is borne out by the steady increase in the membership of the Manufacturers' Association and of companies seeking to display their products. While the accompanying notes are not elaborate, they serve to convey an idea of the extent and variety of the different exhibits:

THE OHIO BRASS COMPANY had a notable exhibit in spaces 200-218, inclusive, containing 2000 sq. ft. of floor space. The various sales divisions under which the extensive line of products of this company is classified were well represented, including the high-tension division, rail-bond and third-rail insulator division, overhead line material division, car-equipment division, and the mining division. Among the important products of the company on exhibit were the Tomlinson automatic radial car coupler in the M. C. B. Knuckle; the Lintern car-signal system, which is a system of car classification and rear-end signaling using electric lamps as a source of illumination, made independent of the condition of the trolley voltage by an auxiliary battery of dry cells; and the Nichols-Lintern pneumatic track sander, also in actual operation. To show the latest developments in O. B. Company catenary construction, a catenary line about 100 ft. in length was installed in the exhibit space. Porcelain insulators, of which this company manufactures a complete line for all practical working voltages, were much in evidence and many samples shown, from small porcelain telephone insulators up to the big, four-piece, cemented, 60,000-volt types. The well-known "All Wire" rail bond, both compressed and soldered types, was on exhibition, and the method of application to the rail explained. In this section was shown also a complete line of third-rail insulators for electric railways and industrial railways. These insulators are constructed with a body of "semiporcelain" which has thus far proved to be most efficient, electrically and mechanically, for third-rail insulator work. Numerous other devices and materials were on exhibit, including a complete line of hangers, trolley ears and clamps, pullovers, construction tools, etc., car-equipment specialties such as the Armstrong journal oiler, Genuine bell-metal motor bearings and track brushes. Appropriate souvenirs were distributed among the delegates. The company chartered a sloop yacht, in which sailing parties were taken out each day. For the further comfort and pleasure of its friends the company rented a limited number of rolling chairs. The following were among those representing the company: C. K. King, vice-president and general manager; A. L. Wilkinson, secretary; C. E. Young, Nathan Shute, P. A. Hinds, C. H. Tomlinson, G. A. Mead, A. L. Price, F. S. Denneen, A. W. Dee, E. F. Wickwire, F. A. Strail, C. E. Delafield, W. H. Bloss, home office; N. M. Garland, manager; R. M. Campbell, S. H. Mattson, New York office; E. C. Brown, manager; F. E. Johnson, St. Louis office; F. H. Jameson, manager; A. L. Havens, F. V. Cook, G. W. Cooper, Chicago office; J. E. Slimp, manager, Atlanta office; S. K. Colby, of Pierson, Roeding & Company, Pacific Coast agents.


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