Comparative Tests of Insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Journal of the Telegraph

New York, NY, United States
vol. 5, no. 20, p. 236, col. 2





The Glass Insulators used in all these tests are the same. They have been exposed constantly since July 20.

The Pond Insulators of July 25 and 29, were exposed at same date with the glass, while those in test of Aug. 28 are of the improved form now adopted by the manufacturers, and had been, at the date of this test, exposed but about 12 hours, and probably show a higher test from their cleanliness. They were carefully wiped before being put on the frame. Otherwise the conditions of exposure are precisely alike.

These tests are only valuable as giving comparative figures, and not absolute units of resistance.

The tests of September 11th were made during a heavy rain, which had continued constantly for nearly two days. The Glass and Pond Insulators were put up at the same time.

Lines insulated with glass were working very hard, while those of the same length insulated with the Pond Insulator worked well.


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