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Publication: The Trenton Times

Trenton, NJ, United States
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New Industry Which Centered in Trenton Because of Its Pottery Kinship is

Now Becoming Important Feature of the City's Manufacturing Life.


The manufacture of porcelain electrical specialties has grown to such an extent in Trenton within recent years that the city's fame in this regard is becoming almost as widespread as is its repute for the making of pottery ware. With the advent of electricity and the rapid growth of its use for lighting and other purposes came the demand for push buttons, insulating devices and a hundred and one knick knacks which add to the utility or neatness of electric work indoors. It was not long before it was discovered that porcelain fixtures by far excelled all other kinds. The industry is akin to that of the potter, and perhaps for that reason centered in Trenton.

One of the first concerns of the kind, and the first in this city, was the Imperial Porcelain Works, which have grown to be one of the biggest plants for the manufacture of porcelain electrical specialties in the country, sending its product to all parts of the world. More recently the Star Porcelain Works was organized and its business has grown to such an extent that several times the company has found it necessary to enlarge its plant.

The most recent addition to this branch of industry in Trenton is the Sun Porcelain Company, which is making the same general classes of goods as the first mentioned concerns. This new company recently bought the plant on Oakland street which was formerly occupied by the Oakland Manufacturing Company, which was organized to make an enameled brick by a patent process. The venture was not a success and the plant was sold.

The new company has been in operation several months and is doing a steadily increasing business. At the outset only about a dozen hands were employed and this has been increased to more than a score and will be still further added to in the near future.

The members of the company are Charles J. Hetzel, Alfred G. Grainger and George F. Wyckoff, all of this city.

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