Porcelain Electrical Manufacturing Company put in bankruptcy


Publication: The Trenton Evening Times

Trenton, NJ, United States
p. 3, col. 3



Involuntary bankruptcy proceedings against the Porcelain Electrical Manufacturing Company of Trenton were instituted today in the United States District Court by Secor & Company, E. H. Freeman Electric Company and the Vacuum Oil Company.

The petition shows that the Porcelain Manufacturing Company owes Secor & Company $1,400, E. H. Freeman Company $20 and the Vacuum Oil Company $10. It is alleged that the company has not the money with which to pay these debts.

It is charged in the petition that the local concern committed an act of bankruptcy a few months ago when to prefer a creditor, it gave a chattel mortgage on its stock to the Hudson Porcelain Company.

The company is about three years old. Its officers are Charles A. Secor, of New York, president; Holt Secor, of New York, secretary and Charles H. Tichenor of Trenton, treasurer. The plant is at 54 Seward Avenue.

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