Workmen quit at Hudson Porcelain plant


Publication: The Trenton Evening Times

Trenton, NJ, United States
p. 2, col. 7


Dispute Over Hours and Price Causes Strike - No Trouble At Imperial Plant


The pressers and kilnmen of the Hudson Porcelain Company went on a strike yesterday afternoon. Seven pressers and six kilnmen went out and the girls at the plant will not be able to work until the trouble has been settled. The strikers give as their reason for quitting that a dust presser, who is a member of the union, had been working on a piece of ware for two hours with a die which was defective, and that he received only twelve cents for the ware when it was finished.

The employee then quit work and at noon the other pressers and kilnmen did not return to their places, claiming that they would not work with non-union men.

The manager of the plant said this morning that the trouble was not the direct result of the one workman but that the trouble had been planned on Sunday when a meeting of the union workers was held. He claimed that at the present selling price of the ware the company could not afford to pay the pressers higher wages.

The report that the fifteen pressers were laid off at the Imperial Porcelain plant and that green hands had been installed is a mistake. The men were laid off because the shops were so full of ware that the men could not work. Those laid off will be given work as soon as there is room for them to work which will only be a matter of a few days.

The dust pressers' union, composed of 500 members, will hold a meeting Thursday night to decide what action should be taken with reference to the Hudson plant strike.

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