Mob of Pottery Strikers at Trenton throw bomb at Hudson Porcelain Co. office


Publication: The Washington Post

Washington, DC, United States
no. 13,386, p. 1, col. 5


Striking Pottery Employes Attack Workers at Trenton, N. J.


Trenton, N. J., Jan. 31. - Disorder of a serious character occurred tonight in the strike of the 1,500 porcelain workers in this city, when a force of strikebreakers, imported by the ten plants involved in the labor trouble, attempted to leave their work. The imported men were assailed on the street by a crowd of strikers, among whom were a number of women and girls. Stones and bricks were hurled, and when the two forces met closely knives were used.

Reserve policemen were hastened to the scene and a dozen of the strikers were arrested. Four men - Louis Fratta, Stephen Snyder, Dennis Tennich, and Jerry Bennash - were taken to local hospitals, suffering from knife wounds and bruises caused by flying bricks.

The pottery workers have been on strike for a week.

Late tonight a dynamite bomb was thrown into the cellar under the floor of the offices of the Hudson porcelain works on Seward avenue. It exploded and wrecked the office,, but the rest of the plant was not damaged.

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