Washington Porcelain Co. is incorporated

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Metallurgical and Chemical Engineering

New York, NY, United States
vol. 17, no. 10, p. 619, col. 2

WASHINGTON.—The Washington Porcelain Company, recently incorporated with a capital of $100,000 to manufacture porcelain goods, is having plans prepared for the construction of its proposed new plant, to specialize in the production of electric porcelain specialties. The works will consist of three large buildings, with main structure one-story and basement, 40 x 100 feet, and connecting machine shop, also one-story and basement, 40 x 127 feet. Herbert W. and George Sinclair, and Frank P. Gardner, all of Trenton, head the company. W. A. Kleeman. Second National Bank Building, Trenton, is architect.


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