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Publication: American Glass Trade Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 9-10,31,34, col. 1



Press and blownware plants in the United States and Canada, active or temporarily out of operation.

The letter "f" is for furnace and "p" for pots, as 1 f, 16 p, means one furnace of 16 pots capacity. The letters "c t" mean a continuous tank and "d t," day tank. The letter "r" designates ring holes, indicating the approximate capacity. A star (*) means plant out of blast when directory was issued.

Key for Bottle Factories.

The capital A means flint glass is made; B green, C amber, D blue, E opal, F dark green. The figure following these letters designate in a general way the lines of ware made, viz: 1, signifies prescription, druggists, perfumers, or proprietary medicine ware; 2, beers, sodas, minerals; 3, wines, brandies and flasks; 4, milk jars; 5, fruit jars; 6, packers or preservers ware, machine-made jars and bottles; 7, vault and prism lights; 8, insulators; 9, turn mold ware; 0, carboys and large water bottles; letter Y, semi-automatic machines; Z, Owens machines.

Key for Press and Blownware Plants.

G indicates that pressed ware is manufactured; H, blownware; J, shades, globes, lighting ware; K, paste mold tumblers, stemware, bar goods, etc.; L, colored ware, decorated ware or novelties; N, cut glass, cutting blanks, or artistic glass; R, off-hand or paste mold lamp chimneys; U, druggists, confectioners, stationers or photographers' supplies. X shows that the plant contains a mold shop.

Company Officials.

Following names of officers the letter P, means President; V P, vice president; S, Secretary; T, Treasurer; M, factory manager or superintendent.

[Note Key numbers and letters will be found at the end of each paragraph. Index to companies by states on pages 5 and 6.]


McBride Lamp Chimney Mfg. Co., Industrial, 1 d t. Thos. McBride P. AR.


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