Artistic Porcelain Co. put in hands of receiver


Publication: The Trenton Evening Times

Trenton, NJ, United States
p. 13, col. 5


To the Creditors of Artistic Porcelain Company:

In pursuance of an order of the Court of Chancery of the State of New Jersey, made on the day of the date hereof. In a cause wherein Joseph C Sharkey is complainant, and Artistic Porcelain Company is defendant, notice is hereby given to the creditors of the said company, to present to Frank D. Schroth, the receiver of said company, at his office, No 5 West State Street, in the City of Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey, their several claims and demands against said company, duly verified under oath or affirmation, within two months from the date hereof, or they will, be excluded from the benefit of such dividend as may hereafter be made and declared by said Court from the assets of said company.

Dated October 6, 1915


Receiver Artistic Porcelain Company Scott Scammell, Solicitor for and of Counsel with Receiver, Mechanics Bank Building, Trenton, New Jersey.

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