Bulletin on Hemingray brass bushed insulators issued

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electric Journal

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 33, no. 5, p. 15-16, col. 1-2,1

Over the Editor's Desk

Rural electrification takes the spotlight, and engineers are looking for line materials that permit low-cost construction but high grade performance. We wish to direct their attention to the bulletin of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company on Hemingray brass bushed glass insulators. This is not a brand new publication, but some of our readers may not know of it. It gives, briefly, the story of the development of this type of insulator, shows styles and dimensions, voltage ratings, and the advantageous features of the line. A copy should be in the reference file of every distribution engineer so when the boss asks "What about these glass insulators?" he'll have an answer.


Keywords:Hemingray : Owens-Illinois Glass Company
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