Glassworks employee killed in Covington

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Clinic

Cincinnati, OH, United States
vol. 8, no. 21, p. 245-246, col. 1,2


D. H. JESSUP, M. D., Pres.            JAS. G. HYNDMAN, M .D., Sec.

Transactions of May 10 and 17, 1875.


Reported by the Secretary.

Part of the evening was occupied by the reports of the delegates sent by the Academy to the meeting of the National Association at Louisville. All who made reports considered the meeting an enjoyable and profitable one.

Dr. Muscroft mentioned a curious case which he had encountered several years ago. During a quarrel, which occurred in Covington, a bowlder was thrown, a young man fell and when picked was found to be dead. After the parties had been arrested and were to be tried for murder, the speaker was ordered to make a post-mortem examination. The lungs were found healthy. The cavities of the heart, the right in particular, were found very much enlarged. The right auricle was so much distended as to hold eighteen ounces of water. Rupture of the auricle had also taken place into the pericardial sac, and the latter waa full of blood. He gave it as his opinion that the man had not died from an injury (none was found) but from the mental excitement. The fact that the man was a glass blower might be of interest in connection with the state of the right heart.


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