King City Glass Company, Fairmont, Indiana

Back in Operation


Publication: The Public Ledger

Maysville, KY, United States
vol. 3, p. 1, col. 4 - 5




Returning Prosperity Factories

Starting Up Work for American


Fairmont, Ind., The Dillon Glass Factory, which has been practically idle for nearly two years, and which has been in the hands of a receiver for several months, will probably be sold soon to Marion parties. The Marion Bottle Works are negotiating for the purchase of the plant, and it is quite probable that the sale will be effected within the next few days. In the event of the contemplated change the factory will be put in operation without delay, which will give employment to between 75 and 100 people. The King City Glass Works started last Tuesday with a full force of 60 men and boys. The company recently completed extensive improvements and repairs, and is now prepared to manufacture all kinds of glass electric supplies. Several large orders are now on hand, and the company will be compelled to operate its plant day and night for some time to come.


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