Lockwood of Brookfield attended the Railway Signal Association meeting

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Review and Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 62, no. 25, p. 1308, col. 3

Railway Signal Association



A meeting of the Railway Signal Association was held at the Hotel Astor, New York, on June 11 and 12. Sessions were held each morning and afternoon, and the reports of committees on mechanical interlocking, power interlocking, automatic block signaling, manual block signaling, electric railway and alternating-current signaling, storage battery and charging equipment, and standard designs were discussed and approved for submission to the annual convention. Two papers submitted by J. E. Saunders entitled respectively, "Motor Generators for Use as Frequency Changers," and "Twenty-five Versus Sixty-Cycle, Alternating-Current Power for Railway Signaling," were received as information and will not be brought up again for discussion. An abstract report recommending that these papers be received as information and published in a book later on containing subjects of this character, will be presented. The meeting was well attended and a number of manufacturers of insulated wire were present, including Capt. W. L. Candee and Lewis G. Martin, of the Okonite Company; R. D. Brixey, of the Kerite Company. George Lockwood, of the Brookfield Glass Company, was also a prominent attendant.


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