B. M. Downs attends meeting of Electrical Supply Jobbers' Associatrion

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Review and Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 62, no. 22, p. 1135, col. 1-2

Among the Supply Men


Spring Meeting of the Electrical

Supply Jobbers' Association.


The spring meeting of the Electrical Supply Jobbers' Association was held at the Congress Hotel, Chicago, May 26, 27 and 28. The executive session was held on Monday morning with Mr. Overbagh in the chair, at which routine business was presented. On Monday afternoon the members of the Association were addressed by Ernest Freeman, president of the National Electrical Contractors' Association. On Tuesday morning W. E. Robertson, vice-president and general manager of the Robertson-Cataract Company, Buffalo, made a stirring address which aroused great enthusiasm. Tuesday afternoon was given up to an inspection of various points of interest about the city, the majority of the jobbers and manufacturers present, however, attending the base ball game of the Chicago and St. Louis teams. On Tuesday morning, the ladies were given an automobile ride through the parks and boulevards of the city, with luncheon and cards at the South Shore Country Club. On Wednesday morning there was an open session, at which J. M. Wakeman, general manager of the Society for Electrical Development, Incorporated, made an address in which he outlined the idea of the organization and plans of the Society.

Among those in attendance were H. C. Adams, Pawtucket; E. G. Bernard, Troy; J. B. Baker, New York; W. A. Brown, Chicago; F. M. Bernardin, Kansas City; F. V. Burton, Bridgeport; A. Hall Berry, New York; Walter F. Bissell, Toledo; F. R. Bryant, Chicago; H. A. Brereton, Buffalo; Oscar Carmen, Indianapolis; C. M. Crofoot, Cincinnati; N. C. Cotabish, Cleveland; C. R. Corrigan, Pittsburgh; H. B. Crouse, Syracuse; S. A. Chase, Pittsburgh; W. H. Colman, Chicago; W. P. Crockett, Chicago; W. J. Dougherty, Montreal; B. B. Downs, St. Paul; T. M. Debevoise, New York; B. M. Downs, Covington; W. E. Deming, Schenectady; A. P. Eckert, New York; J. B. Esterbrook, Warren; W. M. Gloeckner, Philadelphia; E. R. Grier, Hartford; A. C. Garrison, St. Louis; H. L. Grant, Chicago; L. Griesser, Cleveland; R. E. Gorton, Warren; C. L. Hight, New York; H. H. Hornsby, New York; N. G. Harvey, Chicago: C. J. Hills, Hartford; C. P. Hill, Pittsburgh; H. B. Kirkland, Pittsburgh; Frank Kuhn, Detroit; P. S. Klees, Hartford; A. W. Lindgren, Duluth; W. W. Low, Chicago; F. D. Masterson, Boston; C. S. McKinstry, Cleveland; Max McGraw, Sioux City; J. H. McGill, Valparaiso; J. R. MacNaughton, Detroit; H. F. MacGuyer, Providence; W. H. McCombs, Pittsburgh; Albert Mann, Boston; M. A. Oberlander, New York; J. P. Provost, Pittsburgh; F. S. Price, Boston; H. T. Paiste, Philadelphia; Franklyn Overbagh, Chicago; C. McKew Parr, Hartford; G. L. Patterson, New York; A. H. Pease, Hartford; F. L. Pardee, Buffalo; C. Russell, Albany; W. E. Robertson. Buffalo; H. C. Rice, Cleveland; C. W. Ridinger, Pittsburgh; T. C. Ringgold, Chicago; Frank Stout, Plainfield; C. C. Sibley, New York; B. H. Scranton, Detroit; W. D. Steele, Chicago; J. H. Trumbull, Hartford; H. L. Walker, Detroit; Bruce Wetmore, Boston; A. B. Wilson, Conneaut; Charles White, Boston; F. D. Witwer, Cleveland.

The next meeting will be held at Niagara Falls, N. Y., the second week in September.


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