Findlay Glass & Carbon exhibited at St. Louis Electrical Exposition

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 14, no. 13, p. 224, col. 1

The St. Louis Electrical Exposition.

                                                                                            St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 17, 1889.

THE ANNUAL EXHIBITION of the local trades and industries was opened on the 5th inst. at St. Louis with two added attractions of some importance, the Verestchagin paintings and Gilmore's Band. The managers appointed Mr. Fred Whipple, of Detroit, manager of the electrical department, and assigned a section of about one-third of the basement at the lower end, adjoining the permanent steam plant, for the exclusive use of the exhibitors from the electrical industries. Within this space are gathered all pertaining to this interesting science, with the exception of two exhibits placed on the second floor, where the surroundings are far more pleasant and the atmosphere less oppressive during the evening, when the visitors crowd into the building, it is a subject of remark that exhibits of special character as, for instance, non-magnetic watches, should face a display of boilers, and that adjoining the exhibit of the phonograph gigantic steam pumps should be discharging water into a large tank. The electrical exhibit, while not exceeding the electrical display made in Chicago at the convention of the National Electric Light Association last February, has some interesting features. Over the entrance to both the north and south approaches to the electrical section large wooden banners have been suspended, on which the word "electrics" appears in fiery incandescent bulbs, presenting an attractive sign. A few of the booths are very prettily decorated, and from present indications the majority of the exhibitors will probably do considerable decorating during "fair week," when the city is usually crowded with visitors.

Carbon Rods, Cups, Plates.

THE FINDLAY GLASS AND CARBON COMPANY, of Findlay, Ohio, show carbon cups for batteries, etc., as supplied to certain manufacturers.


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